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3 treatments to instantly make you look more awake

We've all had it - we turn up to work on Monday morning (or zoom meetings) and the first thing we hear is "Ohhhh long night?" Maybe you're still recovering from Saturday night's hangover - it's fine. But for some of you - you look tired no matter how much sleep you've been getting. You've been drinking your water, using your eye cream, rummaging through your cupboards to make that new face mask you saw on Instagram - but it's just not giving you the results you want.

It may be time to look into non-surgical aesthetic treatments. With minimal to no downtime, instant results, and treatments you can fit into your lunch break - these are some quick, easy ways to instantly look like you've been getting your 9 hours of sleep on the regular.

Tear Trough Treatments

Tear Trough treatments lead the pack when it comes to making you look refreshed and rested. When we see someone we are normally drawn to their

eyes and mid-face region if this area looks hollow and drawn we appear tired.

Treatments take around 20 minutes, are virtually painless and results are instant. The treatment can last up to 12 months. It also releases a cocktail of amino acids to refresh the under-eye skin and also light-reflecting particles to brighten the area.

Sold? Here's a bit more about how the treatment works.

The Tear Trough is the crease under the eye and above the cheek. In some people, it can become quite hollow and create a shadow making the area appear darker. This can be something we are born with or something that occurs over time due to weight loss, aging, and lifestyle factors.

During Tear Trough treatment a soft hyaluronic acid-based filler is injected into this area to lift and reduce the hollowness. This makes the area appear brighter, lifted, and refreshed. Treatment is well tolerated, with little discomfort.

Cheek Filler

Following on we get to Cheek Filler. This is normally done alongside Tear Trough for optimal results. Using the same principles of lifting the mid-face where our eyes are drawn to, we can fill and lift this area, making us look brighter and less tired.

The anterior cheek ( under the eye- not the cheekbones) is the first place we lose fat either due to aging or weight-loss. This causes the skin on top to droop leading to heavy smile lines and hollowing under the eye. You can think of this area as the foundation or scaffolding of the face - without this area of support everything else seems to sag down and look tired.

Botox Treatments

To round us up we have Botox Treatments. Botox is a brand name of a neurotoxic protein (aka something to freeze our muscles) to relax our wrinkles, lines, and even give us a bit of a lift. There are other popular brands such a Azzalure, and Bocouture - they all work using the same mechanism.

Around the eyes, this can prevent the smile lines or Crows Feet as they are called from occurring making the area look fresh, smooth - and you more awake. Is this suitable for you? Smile big - like a big cheesy grin - if you have lines forming around the corners of your eyes this would a great treatment option for you.

Next, we can target the frown line -the indentation that occurs between the eyebrows, not only do we get this from frowning but also from concentrating and furrowing our eyebrows. By treating this area we also get the added benefit of a slight brow lift - this opens the face and eye area making you look rested and awake.


There we have it! 3 treatments to instantly make you look rested and awake, with little to no downtime!

To see what treatments are best suited for you, get in contact and have a free consultation

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