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Lip Fillers


Enhancing your lips with our Lip Filler treatment could never be easier. Based in Central Birmingham - whether you want a natural result or a plump pout we've got you covered. 

Prices start from only £120

Are Lip Fillers right for me?

What are Lip Fillers?

Lip Fillers are a simple, non-surgical way to plump and add volume and hydration to your lips, or to correct the shape. The fillers contain a gel-like substance called Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which our body naturally produces to hydrate our skin and joints. Unfortunately we produce less and less of this HA as we age, which leads to dehydration, lack of volume, drooping, and deepening of lines and wrinkles. The HA in the filler binds with water increasing hydration leading to a plumper appearance. As HA is something our body naturally produces our bodies break it down over time which is why results are not permanent.

We offer a range of affordable Lip Fillers to suit your needs. We can give you a very subtle enhancement or a plumper pout. Results with our Lip Fillers look and feel natural - your lips just enhanced. 

How does Lip Filler treatment work?

All Lip Filler treatments begin with a consultation at our Birmingham based clinic where we discuss the desired look you wish to go for. We assess your existing lip shape and decide on a result that will suit your individual face. We run through your medical history to make sure the treatment is safe for you to have done, and discuss all the possible side effects and their management. We finish by deciding the right type of Lip Filler for you and we're good to go!

We offer Dental Nerve blocks to all our clients, This is a small injection on the inside of your mouth that leads to total numbness - a totally pain-free experience. You won't feel a thing!

Once your lips are numb we begin the treatment. We use either a small needle or a cannula to carefully and precisely fill your lips. We then give them a firm massage to evenly distribute the filler, and your treatment is complete.

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30 minutes


6-9 months

Side Effects





Nil - 48 hours


from £120

Any questions?

Check our FAQ's

Lip Filler Before and Afters

View some of our before and after photos below. Photos taken in the after were directly after treatment so redness and swelling is seen. These resolve post-treatment.

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Lip Filler FAQs

Are Lip Fillers Safe?

Here at Luxe Clinic we ensure all lip enhancement treatments are carried out in the safest way possible. We stick to strict hygiene and cross infection control in our clinic. Treatments are carried out with medically trained practitioners with detailed knowledge of facial anatomy. As with all non-surgical treatments, side effects are possible, we do our best to minimize those risks, and we are also trained to deal with any complications in the rare instances they may occur.


In the UK Filler treatment is severely unregulated leading to unqualified, non-medical practitioners, who are unable to manage filler emergencies if they were to arise. To stay safe it's important to seek a practitioner that is medically trained and ask about their emergency protocol. We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have!

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What Are The Side Effects Of Lip Fillers?

Common side effects of Lip Fillers include bruising and swelling. These normally resolve in 24 to 48 hours. We have techniques that reduce the risk of bruising significantly. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol before your appointments also reduces this risk.


Further rare side effects can occur and will be discussed with you at your consultation.

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Is Lip Filler Treatment Painful?

We at Luxe Clinic offer you pain-free treatments. You read that right PAIN-FREE Lip Fillers.

As we are medically trained, we can offer you a Dental Block before treatment. This is a short sharp injection on the inside of your mouth that numbs your entire mouth. After this, you feel nothing as we sculpt your lips to perfection.

For those of you with higher pain tolerances, we also offer a numbing gel. This provides moderate numbing, but it is not as strong as the Dental Block.

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How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

Lip Fillers will last an average of 6 to 9 months. This varies on an individual basis, and also depends on different lifestyle factors.

The Hyaluronic Acid that fillers are made up of is gradually broken down by your body, similar to how your body breaks down the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid you already have.

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How Will My Lips Feel After Lip Filler?

After the healing period, the filler will have integrated into your lips and should feel like your normal lip tissue.


Different types of fillers may feel different in your lips, a thin natural filler will barely feel detectable, whilst a thicker filler (for those who want a plumper result) will feel firmer in your lips.

Small lumps may be felt during the healing process, but as the lips settle they resolve to leave a smooth result.

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Will Lip Filler Make My Lips Look Fake?

Here at Luxe Clinic we always aim to give you a natural look, that balances and respects the natural proportions of your face, 

Over-filled lips that have had filler incorrectly placed can look abnormal, and not suit your face - leading to a noticeably "fake look"

Whether you want a subtle result no one will notice, or lots of added volume to your lip, we do so in a safe natural way. 

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Can Lip Filler Damage Your Lips After It's Gone?

No, a well-placed filler should not lead to any changes in your lip tissue. Once your body has broken down all of the filler your lips will simply return to their original state.

Please note unlicensed filler, as well as Non-Hyaluronic Acid fillers CAN cause damage to your lip. (These are never used at Luxe Clinic)

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Are Lip Fillers Reversible?

Lip Fillers are not permanent, your body will dissolve them away over time.


However, they are reversible. This is normally only done in emergency cases, or for migrated, lumpy filler.

The dissolving agent works instantly, and it's advised to give it 2 weeks before refilling your lips.

Please note only medically trained practitioners are able to hold stock of the dissolving agent.

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What Is The Difference Between A Needle and Cannula?

We use two methods to fill your lips Needle or a Cannula.


Needles are great for adding height and definition to your lips. However, as they are sharp there is a high risk of bruising. A cannula is a blunt needle therefore it is very safe, you have a lower risk of bruising, and the entire lip is filled with just 2 entry points.

We discuss both options at your consultation and then decide with is best for you.

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