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Chin/Jaw Fillers


Would you like a sharp and defined jawline? Would you like your face to appear slimmer? If so chin and jawline filler will be ideal for you.

Prices start from only £100

Are Chin and Jaw Fillers right for me?

What are Chin and Jaw Fillers?

Chin and Jaw Fillers are a simple, non-surgical way to improve the structure of your lower face.


 Chin Filler can lengthen the face making it appear slimmer, and from the side a strong chin can balance your profile. Jaw Filler is used for sharpening and tightening the jawline.  Filler can also be used to make the face appear more masculine.  Results are immediate and there is no downtime, most of our clients carry on with their day as normal after they come see us. 


30 minutes


9-12 months

Side Effects







from £100

How does Chin and Jaw Filler treatment work?

During our consultation we assess your lower face, and profile and address your concerns. We discuss how filler can help and decide on a result that will suit your individual face. 

We apply a numbing gel over the area to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. We use either a small needle, or a cannula to carefully and precisely fill areas on your chin and jaw. 

Any questions?

Check our FAQ's

View some of our before and after photos of our Chin and Jaw Filler clients below. Photos taken in the after were directly after treatment.

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Chin and Jaw Filler Before and Afters


Chin and Jaw Filler FAQs

Are Chin and Jaw Fillers Safe?

Here at Luxe Clinic we ensure all treatments are carried out in the safest way possible. We stick to strict hygiene and cross infection control in our clinic. Treatments are carried out with medically trained practitioners with detailed knowledge of facial anatomy. Chin and Jaw Filler is a low-risk treatment. 


In the UK Filler treatment is severely unregulated leading to unqualified, non-medical practitioners, who are unable to manage filler emergencies if they were to arise. To stay safe it's important to seek a practitioner that is medically trained and ask about their emergency protocol. We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have!

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What Are The Side Effects Of Chin and Jaw Fillers?

Common side effects include redness and bruising. These normally resolve in 24 to 48 hours. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol before your appointments also reduces this risk.


Further rare side effects can occur and will be discussed with you at your consultation

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Is Chin and Jaw Filler Treatment Painful?

We place a numbing gel prior to treatment. Our clients tolerate this treatment very well and report very minimal discomfort. 

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How Long Do Chin and Jaw Fillers Last?

Chin and Jaw Fillers will last an average of 9 to 12 months. This varies on an individual basis, and also depends on different lifestyle factors. Some clients will require a top-up this will be discussed at your consultation.

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How Much Chin and Jaw Filler Do I Need?

When it comes to jawlines a considerable amount of filler is needed to get a good result. We advise 4ml+ for a female and 6ml+ for a male. Less than this and the results will not be as noticeable. A full discussion will be done on how much you need at your consultation.

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Can Chin and Jaw Filler Hide A Double Chin?

No Jawline Filler is not advised when there are excess fatty tissues. Instead, we recommend our Fat Dissolving Injections in the double chin area and then having jaw filler afterwards for the best result.

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