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Wrinkle Treatments 


Smooth away lines and wrinkles, for a smooth natural look.

Prices start from only £100

Are Wrinkle Treatments right for me?

What are Wrinkle Treatments?

We provide wrinkle treatments that aim to relax your muscles, in order to smooth and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 


Results take 2 weeks to reach full effect. There is no downtime, most of our clients carry on with their day as normal after they come see us.


We treat forehead wrinkles, frown lines, and crows feet. 

How do Wrinkle Treatments work?

All treatments begin with a face to face consultation where we discuss the desired look you want to go for. We assess your face and the areas of concern. We run through your medical history to make sure the treatment is safe for you to have done, and discuss all the possible side effects and their management. 


15 minutes


3 Months

Side Effects



2 Weeks




from £100

Any questions?

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Wrinkle Treatments Before and After

View some of our before and after photos of Fat Dissolving Injections below. 

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Wrinkle Treatments FAQs

Are Wrinkle Treatments Safe?

Here at Luxe Clinic we ensure all treatments are carried out in the safest way possible. We stick to strict hygiene and cross infection control in our clinic. Treatments are carried out with medically trained practitioners with detailed knowledge of facial anatomy.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Wrinkle Treatments?

Common side effects include redness over the treated area - these normally resolve in around 30 minutes.


Further rare side effects can occur and will be discussed with you at your consultation

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Are Wrinkle Treatments Painful?

Our clients tolerate this treatment very well and report very minimal discomfort. 

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How Long Do Wrinkle Treatments Last?

3 months.


The more often you get this treatment done the longer the results may last in some people.

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How Long Do Wrinkle TreatmentsTake To Work?

It takes up to 2 weeks from the day of the procedure to see the full results. But the effects will start working from day 3-4.

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